Heritage Walking Tour Udaipur

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Heritage Walking Tour Udaipur

Heritage Walking Tour of Udaipur is a short, informative and interesting tour of Old City which starts from the famous Jagdish Chowk and ends at the Tonga Stand. The tour takes you across narrow lanes and bazars offering rich views and deep insights into the past and present that makes Udaipur truly unique.

Time duration: 1 ½ Hours

The walk start from Jagdish Chowk  and going through Kansaro Ki Gali which was the older part of city given to the copper smith they have their houses and their work shop where a few you can still find working making cooper utensils , this is also the place where people can feel the orientation of old city Residential area.

Clock tower is 19 th Century Structure Raised by Maharana Fathe singh , the clock is English Mechanism.

We will next visit the local jeweler market sells Gold and Silver ornaments and these shops have more rural customers to buy, then we move towards BADA BAZAR which was Main Market of Udaipur there are fabric Shops, Jain temple where you can find ladies shopping, it is colorful market with small shops and which have remained as they were hundreds of years back. It is a busy market during weekdays and also at the time of Festivals and weddings.

At the Old shoe market we will see age old traditional MOCHI shops and Shoes hanging on walls. Mochi is One of the Community Ground  floor cum work Shop and First Floor is Home, they sell traditional Shoes (MOJDI) Rajasthani Hand Made Shoes as well as Machine Made Modern Shoes.

Mandi Ki Nal which was the passage leading toward Dhan Mandi, which was old grain market , in this passage there are so many cooking utensils shop you can feel by very first sight because of the utensil hanging and kept out side the shops.

In Dhan Mandi there are shops of the merchants sailing Dry  Fruits , lentils , rice , edible oil , and you come in  open passage which is end of Dhan mandi you find shops of various things and finally you come towards the Vegetable Market and Saler they do not have shops they sit on Ground with their Vegetable Basket’s  and at the same time they can view Ganch community whose   traditional Job is to make Bamboo Basket and  other things made out of Bamboo.

finally we proceed towards Delhi gate which was one of the Twelve entry Gate of City passing by many shops sailing different kind of things ,like Sweets, Sugar Cane Juice , Garments , brooms you may find couple of ladies setting on the ground on the side of the road sailing IRON Tools .

delhi gate udaipur

End at Old Tonga Stand from where you get your vehicle.

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