9N/10D Kumaon Village Trek

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Embark on a captivating 10-day journey through the heart of Uttarakhand, where every step leads you deeper into the region’s rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes.

Tour Overview

Starting in Delhi, you’ll traverse from the bustling city to the tranquil Kumaon hills. After an overnight train journey to Kathgodam, the adventure unfolds with an easy walk to Chittai, where the mesmerizing Chittai Bell Temple stands as a testament to devotion. The exploration continues with a trek through dense oak and rhododendron forests in Binsar Sanctuary, where Zero Point’s panoramic view leaves you in awe. As you venture to Deora Village, time seems to stand still, revealing the beauty of ancient temples, traditional Kumaoni cuisine, and heartfelt interactions with villagers.

Further along, the path to Paliu Village unveils the vibrant tapestry of local life, highlighted by terraced fields, charming flour mills, and picturesque villages. The journey ascends to Sokyatal, offering breathtaking valley vistas and unforgettable sunsets. Your footsteps lead to the timeless Jageshwar Temples, an architectural marvel that echoes with tales of the past. Finally, returning to Delhi, you’ll have the option to extend your adventure by adding a visit to Corbett National Park, where encounters with majestic tigers and diverse wildlife await, creating a perfect finale to this enchanting journey.

Best  Season for trekking : Round the year except July & August
Total Duration: 10 Days
Trekking days: 5
Trek grade: Easy
Max altitude: 1650 m

Destinations Covered

Kathgodam: Your train journey takes you to the gateway of Uttarakhand, Kathgodam. Nestled amidst picturesque hills, it serves as the starting point for your adventure.

Almora (Kalmatia Sangam): Settle into the tranquil embrace of Almora’s Kalmatia Sangam, a haven of serenity. Embark on an easy walk to Chittai, where the Chittai Bell Temple’s unique petitions and stunning views reveal the area’s spiritual and natural beauty.

Binsar Sanctuary: Traverse through dense oak and rhododendron forests, reaching Zero Point for breathtaking vistas. The downhill trek to Shiva Temple and the scenic path to Kangarchina unveil the sanctuary’s diverse landscapes.

Deora Village: Journey to Deora, where ancient temples, intricate carvings, and warm hospitality create an authentic Kumaoni experience. Immerse yourself in local life, savor traditional cuisine, and relish tales of bygone eras.

Paliu Village: Walk through charming villages, terraced fields, and forests, connecting with Kumaoni culture along the way. Paliu Village’s vibrant traditions and friendly residents offer an intimate glimpse into rural life.

Sokyatal: Ascend through pine forests and terraced fields to reach Sokyatal, where stunning Himalayan panoramas and awe-inspiring sunsets paint the sky with vibrant hues.

Jageshwar Temples: Delve into the past at Jageshwar, where ancient temples narrate stories of centuries gone by. Marvel at the intricate architecture and absorb the spiritual ambiance of this sacred complex.

Detailed Tour Plan

Day 01: Arrive Delhi – Meet on arrival and transfer to your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 02: Delhi – Kathgodam – Enjoy sightseeing of of Delhi. Late evening transfer to railway station to board overnight train to Kathgodam. Overnight onboard train.

Day 03: Kathgodam – Almora (Kalmatia Sangam) – Met on arrival at Kathgodam railway station and transfer to Kalmatia Sangam. After breakfast start an easy walk to Chittai. The Chittai bell temple is dedicated to Golu Devta (god of justice and peculiar to Kumaon). The temple is hung with petitions and bells of all shapes and sizes brought by grateful devotees. The walking path starts from the resort through Chir (pine) forests via Sintola with good views into the valley and Himalya range. After temple visit walk back to the resort. Overnight stay at Kalmatia Sangam

Day 04: Kalmatia Sangam (Binsar Sanctuary Walk) – After breakfast drive to Binsar. Walk up to Zero Point through dense oak and rhododendron forests. Enjoy the view and hike downhill to Shiva temple. From there trek initially further downhill and then follow the western Binsar ridge towards Kangarchina. A very scenic walk with good views of the Himalaya on one side and the terraced valley on the other side. On route enjoy a packed lunch. Drive back to resort.

Day 05: Kalmatia Sangam – Deora Village – After breakfast start the village walk through picturesque villages along terraced fields, waterfalls, along a winding stream and Chir (pine) forests. This gentle walk through valleys then takes you up to the village of Deora. Before reaching Deora you visit the 1000 year old temples of Kali and Vishnu. Overnight at Deora. A lovely village with wonderfully carved doors and windows overlooking the valley with the the ancient temples. Freshen up and enjoy a welcome drink while the traditional and delicious Kumaoni dinner is cooked by the villagers, where the landlord while preparing it hops in and out of his fields to get fresh veggies and herbs for your meal.  Guests are welcome to watch and help! Relax, chat with the locals listening to tales of the past.

Day 06: Deora – Paliu Village – Today walking on the old village trails you pass through several villages which gives you a fantastic impression of Kumaoni local life, where the old traditions and culture are still part of their daily routine lives. You pass villages where the castes are strictly segregated, walk through terraced fields then along traditional irrigation channels and finally climb up to Paliu village. As everywhere in the Kumaon the people are friendly, curious in a childlike manner and more than happy to answer questions and be photographed. The walk takes you past ancient flour mills, where you can stop and see how they work.

Day 07: Paliu – Sokyatal

Walking through chir pine forest along terraced fields and a few scattered small villages the path now climbs steadily up to Sokyatal amidst forests of oak and rhododendron. (If you can make it between mid Feb. and Apr. you will be rewarded with the lovely sight of the rhododendron flowers in bloom, a blaze of colour). The Himalayan and panoramic valley views from the top of this ridge are magnificent. The grand finale is the setting sun covering the peaks with fire. Stretch out with refreshment in the quaint, stone courtyard looking down into the Jageshwar valley.

Day 08: Sokyatal – Jageshwar Temples – Kalmatia Sangam – Walk from Jawalbanj to Jageshwar through terraced fields, villages and magnificent cedar forests. At Jageshwar you can visit the ancient temple complex built by the Chand and Katyuri rulers between 8th. and 12th. Century A.D. Drive back to the resort you can see the prehistoric rock art at Lakhudiar. Overnight stay at Kalmatia Sangam.

Day 09: Kalmatia – Delhi – Day at leisure. Later evening you will be transferred to Kathgodam railway station to board overnight train to Delhi.

Day 10: Arrive & depart Delhi – Arrive Delhi in the morning. Transfer o a hotel for wash/ change. Later you will be transferred to international airport for onward journey.

Add on suggestion: Corbett National Park – Corbett National Park is known for its tigers and a host of other animals including 600 species of birds; it is one of the few parks in the North that is home to wild elephants. From Kalmatia Sangam, you can drive to Corbett for 2-3 days of Jungle activities before returning to Delhi.

End of Tour

FAQs about the Tour

Q: How can I reach the tour’s starting point in Delhi?
A: Delhi is easily accessible by air, train, or road from major cities in India.

Q: How long is the train journey from Delhi to Kathgodam?
A: The train ride from Delhi to Kathgodam takes around 8-9 hours overnight.

Q: Are the walking paths suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, the paths are designed to accommodate participants of various fitness levels.

Q: What’s the experience of the walk to Chittai from Kalmatia Sangam?
A: The walk to Chittai offers serene paths through forests, leading to the unique Chittai Bell Temple with beautiful valley views.

Q: How challenging is the trek through Binsar Sanctuary?
A: The trek is moderately challenging, passing through oak and rhododendron forests. Zero Point rewards with panoramic views.

Q: What can I expect from the cultural experiences in Deora Village?
A: Deora Village immerses you in Kumaoni culture, ancient temples, and traditional cuisine for an authentic encounter.

Q: What’s special about Sokyatal?
A: Sokyatal offers stunning Himalayan views and sunsets. Walking through pine forests provides a natural connection.

Q: What can I explore at the Jageshwar Temples?
A: The historic Jageshwar Temples showcase intricate architecture and spiritual heritage, offering a glimpse into India’s past.

Q: Is the Corbett National Park extension recommended?
A: Yes, the extension provides an exciting wildlife experience, encountering tigers and diverse wildlife in a renowned national park.

Q: How do I plan my departure from Delhi after the tour?
A: The tour ends with a transfer to a hotel in Delhi for freshening up before departing from the international airport, ensuring a comfortable conclusion to your journey.

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