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khajuraho temple

The Khajuraho Group of Monuments is a group of Hindu temples and Jain temples in Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India, about 175 kilometres southeast of Jhansi. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Khajuraho group of temples were built during the rule of Rajput Chandela dynasty. They started building the complex as soon as they rose in power throughout their kingdom, which later came to be known as Bundelkhand. Most temples were constructed between 950 and 1050 AD during the reigns of Hindu Kings Yasovarman and Dhanga.

As per the legends, the temples had, as their gate, two golden date-palm trees. And this is how Khajuraho was derived from the word ‘khajur’, which means date palm.

khajuraho temple

According to folk tales, Hemvati was a beautiful woman, after whom the Khajuraho temples were built. One day, when she was bathing in a pool in Benaras, the Moon God was swooned by her beauty, and could not wait any longer to see her. They conceived a child and named him Chandravarman. However, she feared that her child might have to face harassment as he was born out of wedlock. She was so distressed that she cursed the Moon God, who later prophesied that the child will grow up to become a great king.

Just like the prophecy, the child indeed grew to become a great king, who founded the Chandela dynasty. One day, after Hemvati passed away, her son saw her in his dreams, where she asked him to construct temples that would depict human passions.


Khajuraho had 85 temples until the 12th century. When during the 13th century, central India was seized by the Delhi Sultanate, some of the temples were destroyed and the rest left in neglect. Now, only 22 temples managed to survive and stood the test of time.


Quite interestingly, only 10 per cent of the carvings on the temple complex depict sexual themes. The rest of the cravings depict everyday life of the common man that existed during those times. While some sculptures display women applying makeup, there are others that showcase potters, musicians, farmers, and other common folks.

Best time to VisitOctober to February

Khajuraho Tour Packages


3N/4D Khajuraho Orchha Tour from Delhi

Embark on a captivating journey through Central India on this 4-day cultural odyssey. Tour Overview Commencing your journey, an early ...

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3N/4D Khajuraho Orchha Tour from Delhi


Embark on a captivating journey through Central India on this 4-day cultural odyssey.

Tour Overview

Commencing your journey, an early morning transfer from Delhi lands you on the Shatabdi train to Jhansi. There, explore history with a half-day city tour encompassing the formidable Jhansi Fort, a captivating Museum, and the elegant Rani Mahal. Venturing onward, reach Orchha to uncover the enchanting Orchha Fort, home to the revered Ram Raja, Chaturbhuj, and Lakshmi Narayan Temples. Your path then leads to Khajuraho, where the intricately adorned Eastern and Western Group of Temples stand in awe-inspiring splendor. Engage in an evocative light and sound show before the adventure concludes, bidding adieu to Khajuraho and retracing your steps to Jhansi for your return to Delhi, carrying cherished memories of architectural magnificence and historical marvels.

Destinations Covered

Jhansi: A city steeped in history, Jhansi is home to the formidable Jhansi Fort, an emblem of courage and resilience. The city’s regal past comes alive as you explore the museum that chronicles its storied heritage, and the elegant Rani Mahal, a palace that resonates with tales of valiant queens.

Orchha: Nestled on the banks of the Betwa River, Orchha is a town frozen in time, adorned with the grand Orchha Fort that echoes with the whispers of its royal past. Within its walls, the Ram Raja Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, and Lakshmi Narayan Temple stand as exquisite testimonies to architectural finesse and spiritual devotion.

Khajuraho: Famed for its intricate temple sculptures, Khajuraho is a treasure trove of artistic brilliance. The Eastern and Western Group of Temples showcase an exquisite blend of spirituality and sensuality, their intricate carvings depicting a rich tapestry of life, love, and divinity. The evening’s light and sound show adds an enchanting dimension to this archaeological wonder.

Each destination on this tour invites you to traverse through time, delving into the pages of history and marveling at the artistic prowess of bygone eras.

Detailed Tour Plan

Day 1: Delhi – Jhansi [By Train]
Early morning pick up from your hotel & transfer to Railway station to board on the Shatabdi train to Jhansi. On arrival at Jhansi, transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon enjoy a half day city tour of Jhansi covering Fort, Museum and Rani Mahal.
Jhansi fort
Jhansi fort

Jhansi Museum

Jhansi Palace
Jhansi Palace
Return back to hotel in the evening for dinner & Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 2: Jhansi – Orchha – Khajuraho [180 Kms]

After an early breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Khajuraho via Orchha.

On arrival at Orchha, visit Orchha fort. As there are many temples within the fort, three are especially worth visiting. Visit Ram Raja, Chaturbhuj and Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

Orchha Fort
Orchha Fort
Lakshminarayan Temple Orchha
Lakshminarayan Temple Orchha

In the afternoon, a continue to drive to Khajuraho. On arrival at Khajuraho, check into the hotel. Enjoy dinner & Overnight stay at hotel in Khajuraho.

Day 3: Khajuraho

This morning after breakfast in the hotel proceed for full day sightseeing of Khajuraho visit Eastern & Western Group of Temple’s.
Explore the light & sound show in the evening. Later, return back to a hotel for dinner & Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 4: Khajuraho – Jhansi railway station [180 Kms/05 hrs]

After an early breakfast leave from Khajuraho and directly drive to Jhansi Railway station to board the train for Delhi. On arrival at Delhi, transfer to Airport/Hotel for your next destination.
End of Tour

FAQs about the Tour

Q: How do I reach Jhansi for the tour?
A: You will board the convenient Shatabdi train from Delhi to Jhansi, offering a comfortable and scenic journey to kickstart your tour.

Q: What can I expect to see at Jhansi Fort?
A: Jhansi Fort is a historic marvel with tales of valor. You’ll explore its ancient walls, visit the museum showcasing artifacts from the past, and admire the elegant Rani Mahal, reflecting the city’s royal heritage.

Q: What are the key highlights of the Orchha visit?
A: Orchha is known for its stunning fort complex, where you can witness the Ram Raja Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, and Lakshmi Narayan Temple, each offering unique architectural and spiritual insights.

Q: What makes Khajuraho famous?
A: Khajuraho is renowned for its intricate temple carvings that depict diverse aspects of life, ranging from spirituality to sensuality. The Western and Eastern Group of Temples showcase these exceptional sculptures.

Q: Are the temples at Khajuraho still used for worship?
A: While some of the temples are still active for worship, many serve as archaeological and historical sites, allowing visitors to marvel at the craftsmanship of ancient artisans.

Q: Is the light and sound show at Khajuraho included in the tour?
A: Yes, the tour includes a captivating light and sound show in Khajuraho, offering an immersive experience that brings the history and legends of the temples to life.

Q: How do I travel from Khajuraho back to Delhi?
A: On the final day, you’ll leave Khajuraho and travel to Jhansi Railway station to board a train for your return journey to Delhi, where you will be transferred to the airport or your next destination.

Q: Are meals included in the tour package?
A: Yes, the tour typically includes meals as mentioned in the itinerary, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience throughout the journey.

Q: Can I extend my stay in Khajuraho or explore nearby areas?
A: While the tour is structured, you can certainly discuss with the tour organizers about extending your stay or exploring nearby attractions to make the most of your visit.

Q: Is the tour suitable for travelers of all ages?
A: Yes, the tour is designed to offer an enriching experience for travelers of all ages, catering to both history enthusiasts and those seeking cultural immersion.

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