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Ananda Spa Resort Ayurveda

Ananda Spa’s greatness lies in its idyllic Himalayan setting, holistic approach combining ancient traditions and contemporary therapies, and its commitment to personalized wellness journeys. With luxurious accommodations, expert practitioners, and a wide array of wellness programs, guests experience profound rejuvenation, mental clarity, and a deep sense of tranquility in a regal and serene environment.

Ananda Spa Resort

Tour Overview

Embark on an enriching wellness journey with our Ananda Spa at Narendra Nagar tour. After a morning drive from Delhi, you’ll find respite at the illustrious Ananda Spa Resort nestled in the Himalayas. Once the former residence of the Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal, it has been transformed into a sanctuary of tranquility. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned spa, beauty, and therapy services set against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayan ranges.

The next two days are dedicated to experiencing the harmonious blend of Ayurveda, Oriental, and European wellness treatments that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Yoga and Meditation sessions, fitness activities, spa sessions, and nutritious meals complement your wellness journey. Engage in an array of activities like trekking, bird watching, cultural experiences, and more.

On the final day, after indulging in morning wellness sessions, relish the serene surroundings before journeying back to Delhi, where the tour concludes, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed.

Destinations Covered

Ananda Spa: Located in the serene and awe-inspiring Himalayan foothills, the Ananda Spa Resort in Narendra Nagar is a haven of tranquility and wellness. The erstwhile residence of the Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal, this spa resort is a perfect blend of regal heritage and modern luxury. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the resort offers a range of world-class spa, beauty, and therapy services that cater to both physical and spiritual well-being. Its Himalayan backdrop adds a unique dimension to the wellness experience, making it an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Detailed Tour Plan

Day 01: Delhi – Ananda Spa at Narendra Nagar

Morning drive to Narendra nagar. Complete check-in formalities at the Ananda Spa Resort in the Himalayas.Ananda Spa Resort Therapy Ananda Spa Resort Suite Ananda Spa Resort Pool

The world-renowned spa resort offers excellent spa, beauty and therapy services. Situated in the middle of the majestic Himalayan ranges, it is the former residence of the Maharaja of Tehri- Garhwal transformed into a spa resort. Spend the day in exploring the surroundings.

Day 02 and 03: Ananda Spa

Enjoy you stay at stay at the Ananda Spa Resort.

ananda spa yoga ananda spa yoga

Ayurveda & spa and other holistic wellness will be combined to rejuvenate your tired mind, body and soul. Each day has different programs. The holistic therapies include Yoga and Meditation sessions, beauty therapies, fitness sessions, Spa session, nutritious meals, adventure activities and more. The blend of Ayurveda, Oriental and European systems of holistic health treatments will create new vigor in your senses.

Ananda Spa Resort Therapy

Ananda also offers an array of activities such as trekking, bird watching, nature walk, cultural activities, Vedanta lectures, cooking classes, rafting, golf etc.

Day 04: Ananda Spa – Delhi

Morning enjoy the Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Vedanta and Fitness sessions.  

Indulge in the pleasant surroundings and excitements. Post breakfast drive back towards the Delhi.

Drop at Home/Hotel/Airport.

End of Tour

FAQs about the Tour

Q: What is the significance of Ananda Spa at Narendra Nagar?
A: Ananda Spa is renowned for its Himalayan setting and holistic wellness approach, providing a serene escape where guests can rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit.

Q: What types of therapies are offered at Ananda Spa?
A: Ananda Spa offers a range of therapies blending Ayurvedic, Oriental, and European approaches. These therapies encompass spa treatments, Yoga, Meditation, fitness sessions, and holistic wellness programs.

Q: What is the accommodation like at Ananda Spa?
A: The resort offers luxurious accommodations designed for comfort and relaxation, with each room providing a tranquil ambiance that complements the natural surroundings.

Q: How are Yoga and Meditation sessions conducted?
A: Expert instructors guide guests through Yoga and Meditation sessions set against the Himalayan backdrop, helping participants find inner peace and mental clarity.

Q: Can I customize my wellness program based on my needs?
A: Yes, Ananda Spa offers a range of holistic wellness programs that can be customized to address individual goals, whether it’s stress relief, detoxification, or other wellness objectives.

Q: What adventure activities are available during the stay?
A: Guests can partake in adventure activities like trekking, nature walks, and rafting to enhance their connection with nature and promote physical activity.

Q: How does the spa incorporate wellness into its cuisine?
A: The spa’s restaurant serves nutritious meals crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, catering to guests’ wellness goals and providing a balanced dining experience.

Q: Can I expect a regal experience during my stay at Ananda Spa?
A: Yes, the spa’s heritage as a former royal residence adds a touch of opulence to the ambiance, creating a regal atmosphere that complements the holistic wellness journey.

Q: Are there options for leisure and cultural activities at the spa?
A: Yes, Ananda Spa offers a variety of activities including cultural experiences, Vedanta lectures, and even cooking classes to enrich the overall wellness journey.

Q: What can I expect at the end of the tour?
A: After indulging in the holistic wellness offerings and exploring the natural beauty of the Himalayan surroundings, the tour concludes with a sense of rejuvenation, mental clarity, and a deeper connection to well-being.

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